To install using maven 1

Installing jal is a prerequisite to building the pe2 war.
Increment the version in jal/project.xml
Increment the version of jal in pe2/project.xml

Remember to change version number of jar in messageboards init script.

Installing on Rama with Maven2

Installing on local machine

The postgresql installation on rama is version 7.3.2 and has its character encoding set to SQL_ANSI which is some sort of abomination.

To create an sql file which can be read by current postgresql I did the following:

  1. Set client encoding on the paneris db to UTF-8. This did not seem to have any effect.
  2. pg_dump -D paneris > paneris20070922.sql
  3. Zipped, copied to local machine and unzipped.
  4. iconv -c -f UTF-* -t UTF-8 paneris20070922.sql > paneris20070922.sql_clean Note that this does not appear to cure all problems and does seem to delete some chars.
  5. diff paneris20070922.sql paneris20070922.sql_clean Reveals what has been deleted/changed.
  6. su postgres
  7. createdb paneris
  8. psql paneris < paneris20070922.sql_clean > create.log
  9. Note that dropdb does not drop indices so if you do this a second time you will get unique key violations, I had to
    1. drop schema cascade public
    2. create schema public

    This resulted in my having to reinit the db and do everything all over again, so not sure the right way to do this.

I had to modify /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf and change ident sameuser to trust to allow jdbc connects. This is not suitable for a non-development environment.

After which it is just a matter of mvn jetty:run !!